I Always Felt Like I was Doing Something Wrong

I Always Felt Like I was Doing Something Wrong

by Christine (Canada)

I am a mom of a 17 month old boy, and we just finished breastfeeding about a month ago. I have to say that I did not find breastfeeding a terrifically rewarding experience for the first 9 months or so. We had a hard time latching, thrush, and I had extremely sore nipples for a really long time. I think that part of my problem with breastfeeding was that most of the books and websites say that if you are sore than that is a major red flag and you need to get help right away, etc, etc. I got a lot of professional help, and was still sore, so I always felt like I was doing something wrong, and that there was something the matter with me.

I just read your Problems section, and I would like to commend you on your information and advice to moms. This is the first time that I have seen such useful information, and I especially like that you stress the fact that our breasts are sensitive and there’s a good chance that it will hurt to feed our little ones, but that it will pass in time. This would have helped me so much in the early months! Thank-you for your honesty, and I will be sure to pass on links to your site to any of my friends who are nursing.


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