Backpack Carriers

Backpack Carriers

backpack carriersBackpack carriers are great for families who like to hike and camp. They allow you to carry your baby to places which do not support strollers. Because Baby is behind you, it gives you two free hands which is important when on tough terrain.

Backpack carriers are great for everyday use too: you can take it on the bus or simply for a walk around town. Babies, toddlers, and small children love riding in the carrier because they are up high and can see everything.

There are many types of back pack carriers and most stores will have them on display so that you can try wearing one before buying. Probably the one most important feature to look of is comfort. You may be wearing the back pack carrier for hours so make sure it feels comfortable and distributes the weight evenly. Most of the weight should be on your waist and not on your shoulders. Some backpack carriers are made for people 5’ or higher while others are made for people 5’6” or higher.

Some things to look for:

    stand up back pack carriers

  • Is the fabric washable?

  • Does it have seat belts so Baby won’t fall out?
  • Does it have a canopy to block off the sun/rain?
  • Can the straps adjust so it fits Mom and Dad?
  • Does it fit well? Is it comfortable? Does it distribute the weight properly?
  • Does it have good sized compartments to keep diapers and snacks?
  • Does it have a kick stand so it can stand up by itself?

Some strollers can be converted into back pack carriers. Some people are not fond of these convertibles because they are heavy as back pack carriers and flimsy as strollers. Other people love these convertibles because you can use them as backpack carriers when you are walking up rough terrain, but when the path is level and smooth, you can expand it into a stroller and simply push it along.

back pack carriers for hiking

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