Blocked Milk Ducts

Blocked Milk Ducts

If your breast have lumps and bumps, then you probably have blocked milk ducts. Blocked ducts themselves are not really a problem, but if you don’t unblock them, they may lead to a breast infection. So try to remove them before the situation worsens.

There are a few ways to unclog a blocked milk duct:

    blocked milk ducts
  • Try to hand express milk while taking a warm shower. In particular, massage or press on the lumps and bumps. Hopefully, the clog will dissolve or loosen so that milk can flow freely. Sometimes the combination of warm shower and massage will remove a dried milk clump that was lodged at the nipple.

  • Try to empty out the breast of milk by feeding your baby on the affected breast first. As well, while he nurses, massage or press the lumps to encourage milk flow. Your baby might just suck out the clog. Don’t worry, milk ducts are small so Baby won’t choke.

  • After baby has finished drinking, use an electric breast pump to empty out the breast of milk. Again, remember to massage or press on the lumps to encourage the milk to drain.

  • You can also try wearing a different bra. A bra that is too tight or pinches may restrict milk flow and then cause a block.

Lumps and bumps should go away within 1 or 2 days. If they are not resolved, then consult your doctor. It’s possible that the lumps are due to other medical reasons such as a cyst, a tumor, or cancer. When unsure, ask your doctor!

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