Extended Breastfeeding business cards

Extended Breastfeeding business cards!

by Sara (USA)
I have 3 children:

My oldest son weaned himself at 11 months so there was no reason to think one way or another.

My middle child was formula fed.

But my youngest son turned one year old on Oct. 26th and the day after his b-day, I started to get questions about when I was going to wean him. The idea that he wanted to nurse after a year is new to me. It doesn’t bother me and there are so many benefits to breastfeeding that I don’t really want to stop.

When I read this section on your site:
“In fact, there is nothing wrong with extended breastfeeding. The World Health Organization recommends that mothers breastfeed their children exclusively for the first six months and then continues to breastfeed until age 2 or beyond.” (Read more…)

I printed this on business cards and when people ask, or give me disapproving looks, I hand them a card! I’m not usually a outspoken person, but I feel very offended that people judge me for breastfeeding beyond the first year of life.

Anyway, thanks for the web site!


I’m glad you brought this up because I think extended breastfeeding is something that happens all the time but people don’t talk about it. Sort of like facial hair or hair under the armpits. Everyone has it, but no one shows it off. It takes a strong woman to say “Hey, I’ve got hair under my arms, so what? It’s natural, it’s real, and it’s me!”

Extended breastfeeding is the same. It takes a strong woman to say, “Hey, it’s natural, it’s real, and it’s me!” (or, in this case: “it’s us”).

My good friend nursed her 2 children beyond 2 years of age; in our playgroup, two of the moms nursed their children beyond 2 years; and in my child’s preschool, there was a boy who was nursing at 4+ years of age. So there, easily 5 examples of extended breastfeeding – though – I have never actually seen any of them being breastfed. An example of how women still have to hide extended breastfeeding.