I Breastfed for a Year while Working

I Breastfed for a Year while Working

by Ann (St Louis, MI, USA)
I am a working mom and I breastfed my second child for a full year while working. A lot of people wonder how I did it, but it really wasn’t so hard. I trained my body to produce enough milk to feed her at the 6 pm feeding and the before-bed feeding.

Two weeks before I had to return to work, I stopped feeding the morning meal for two days. On the 3rd day, I stopped feeding the morning and lunch meals for two more days. On the 5th day, I stopped the morning, lunch, and 3pm snack feedings. On the 6th day I only breastfed at 6pm and the bedtime meal. I was surprised that my body was able to follow this schedule, but it did!

The only disadvantage of this system is that I had to go home right after work. My breast was full of milk by 5pm. As soon as I picked her up from the sitter’s, I let her have her meal… Ahh what a relief! By the time we were ready for bed, my milk was replenished and I was ready for another feeding.

When she was at the sitter, my baby drank formula and ate solid food. I didn’t bother with pumping out breast milk and just fed her directly from the breast. Breastfeeding while working can happen – I encourage other moms to give it a try.


That’s Incredible!
by Donna

That’s pretty amazing and inspiring. Great job!