Is a Mom bad

Is a Mom “bad” when she Chooses to Formula Feed?

by PC

How do you feel about mothers who deliberately chose to formula feed their babies? Do you think they are bad mothers if they chose to do this, when there’s nothing that’s preventing them to breastfeed their babies?



Not At All!

Dear PC,

I think a woman should be given a choice – that’s the most important thing. If she chooses to formula feed her baby, then she has her own reasons to do so. You may or may not agree with her reasons, but she has reasons and it is best to give the new mother a choice rather than to force her into a situation that she is not happy with.

A mother who is pressured into breastfeeding when she does not want to will be resentful. This will have a negative emotional-impact on the growing child. Raising a child requires good food, warm clothes, a roof over their head, AND a healthy emotional & psychological environment. A family should also provide for the baby: feeling of being loved and cared for, feeling like they belong and are important, and feeling that they have a voice and can make a difference. A new born baby who is presented with a resentful mother is off to a poor start.

Millions of babies have been raised on formula and they grew up just fine. You need not worry about formula being incomplete in it’s nutrition.

In summary, I think a happy mother who chooses to formula feed her baby is better than a sad mother who is pressured into breastfeeding.

I hope that helps,

This information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a professional for further information.