Where can I find ready to serve Neosure

Where can I find ready to serve Neosure?

by Gail
My daughter has a premature baby and is breastfeeding but the baby gets too tired to finish nursing. My daughter expresses breast milk and bottle feeds the baby with an added teaspoon of Neosure to help increase her weight. If powder formula was used the baby would throw up but if ready to feed or concentrate was used, she was fine. Currently, the baby seems to throw up more when formula is added and hardly spits up when no formula is added. The question that I have is: does Neosure come in ready to feed or concentrate format?


Try these online stores

There are many kinds of baby formula available and it is important to find one that suits your particular situation. Neosure in ready to serve or concentrate forms can be found on line. Probably the easiest way to buy it is from amazon.com.

I hope that helps, breastfeeding-mom.com