Rent a Breast Pump

Rent a Breast Pump

When I got mastitis and was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, my doctor said “Rent a breast pump!”. He knew that the time and energy I invested in hand expression was going to push me over the edge. He gave me the phone number of two places that sell breastfeeding accessories and I’ve never looked back.

Unfortunately, the place was an hour’s drive away, and it cost $75 per month. So, it was an adventure in itself. Luckily for you, the prices have gone down: about $30 to $60 per month.

When you rent a pump, that’s just the pump itself. You will need to buy a Starter Kit (about $40). This starter kit will have the tubes, adapters, liners, caps, bottles, containers and/or bags that you use to attach to the pump.

rent a breast pump kitA new, never-used-before starter kit ensures that your breast milk doesn’t get contaminated by germs from the previous user. You won’t get any germs from the pump itself, but you can get germs from used tubing and bottles. So, be safe and buy a new starter kit. See an example of a starter kit from Medela, Ameda, or Lactina.

So where can you find a breast pump for rent? You may be able to rent one from the hospital where you gave birth. Or you can rent one from a local LLL chapter near you. Search online to price check and to find a store that sells/rent breastfeeding accessories.

Search for “rent a breast pump” below to find deals online:


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