Why is Baby colicky after switching to formula

Why is Baby colicky after switching to formula?

I switched over to formula after 2 weeks of breastfeeding my infant and noticed that he has been very colicky. He passes gas like crazy but he is okay after I give him medical drops.

He has been off the breast for 3 weeks but I still have some breast milk in my breast. Can I offer him breast milk together with the formula even after 3 weeks off the breast? I would like to continue with formula but use the breast milk to top him off.
Thanks, Nanci


Check for Allergic Reaction to Formula
by: Marie Davis After formula feeding, if he still latches on, then feed him at the breast as much as possible. He may just be gassy because he’s getting too much air with bottle feeding. However, keep your eyes open for further signs of allergy (like skin rashes) because he may be fussy because he is allergic to something in the formula.
Sincerely, Marie Davis RN IBCLC

Breast Milk and Formula Together is OK
by: Jane

In my opinion, you can continue to give your baby breast milk even after you have introduced formula. Most formulas are made from cow’s milk and have different types of protein and different amounts of protein in it compared to human breast milk. Thus, formula may cause tummy trouble to your baby because of the difference in nutrients.

Formula is more difficult to digest and this is evident by the fact that formula fed babies drink formula less frequently compared to breastfed babies – the formula in their belly isn’t digested so they are not hungry. Some breastfeeding advocates will say that “HUMAN breast milk is better for HUMAN babies”.

Your breast milk is still good. You can continue to breastfeed him. You can and should “top him off” with breast milk if you can. In addition to giving him milk, you are also giving him comfort and security. Breastfeeding provides skin-to-skin contact which doesn’t usually occur with bottle fed babies.

Cheers and congratulations for being a new mom!