Your Breastfeeding Stories

Your Breastfeeding Stories

In USA and Canada, there is still very little support for new breastfeeding moms. We need to rely on each other for help, advice, and friendly support. If you have a story to share that may benefit another mom, please tell us about it. You can also ask a question, make a comment, or tell us about a problem that you have. Contact Us here.


Breast Milk for Grandpa
I give my breast milk to my grandpa and he don’t know it, but I noticed a postive change in his daily life….

Thank you for SUPPORTIVE Weaning Tips
I don’t have a question but I do want to say THANK YOU! You’re website is the only site I found that actually gave useful and SUPPORTIVE weaning tips…

I Always Felt Like I was Doing Something Wrong
I am a mom of a 17 month old boy, and we just finished breastfeeding about a month ago. I have to say that I did not find breastfeeding a terrifically rewarding experience for the first 9 months…

Extended Breastfeeding Business Cards
I printed this on business cards and when people ask, or give me disapproving looks, I hand them a card! I’m not usually a outspoken person, but I feel very offended that people judge me for breastfeeding beyond the first year of life.

Breastfeeding Benefits Moms Too
I very much enjoyed the last paragraph of the “Benefits for Mom” page because it’s so true …breastfeeding is what I miss the most and am looking forward to the most (I am pregnant again)…

Exclusive breastfeeding does NOT prevent pregnancy!
You mentioned in the web site that exclusive breastfeeding prevents pregnancy. THIS IS NOT TRUE in all women! My husband is a doctor and he would never …

Breastfed for a Year while Working
I am a working mom and I breastfed my second child for a full year while working. A lot of people wonder how I did it, but it really wasn’t so hard. I …


Is a Mom “Bad” if she Chooses to Formula Feed?
How do you feel about mothers who deliberately chose to formula feed their babies? Do you think they are bad mothers if they chose to do this, when there’s nothing that’s preventing them to breastfeed their babies?

Why can’t I use it after 48 hours?
I am mixing 3 ounces of breast milk with 1.5 ounces of ready to feed liquid formula. Therefore, I do not go through the entire bottle in a 48 hour period. Why can’t you use it after 48 hours?

How much is a double ended baby bottle worth?
I have a doubled ended nursing bottle and would like to know its history and its value.

How can I Wean-My 18 Month Old off the Breast?
I’ve been breastfeeding my son for 18 months. He eats whole foods and drinks water & juice, yet I can’t seem to wean him off the breast. He wants to nurse in public and has a fit when I don’t give it to him….

Where can I Donate Breast Milk?
I have so much frozen breast milk I would like to help someone else with it. I tried to donate the milk but they would not take it because I take Zyrtec every day and the hospitals would be giving this to premie babies.

Where can I buy breast shields? I can’t find them anywhere.

Is it Safe to Eat Banana and Papaya during pregnancy?
I am 5 weeks pregnant now. Can I eat or consume Banana and Papaya?

Can I Breastfeed my Husband?
I want to know: can my husband, 30 years old also suck on my nipples for taking or drinking milk, after a year or six months of baby breastfeeding? Are there any disadvantages of breastfeeding my husband?

How Do I Wean my Baby?
I am breastfeeding my little boy. Ever since he turned 16 months old, people have been telling me to stop breastfeeding him because he is too old to nurse. I tried to give him his sippy cup for his nap but he refuses to take it.

Where can I buy Liquid Neosure?
My daughter has a premature baby and is breastfeeding but the baby gets too tired to finish nursing….

Nursing Baby with Severe Food Allergies
I have a 7 wk infant who is diagnosed (2 1/2 wks. ago) with severe food allergies. I started her out on breast milk and formula in the hospital. After we got home, we did much of the same until we found blood in her stool.

Breast milk in breasts after 14 years…
A lady that had a baby 14yrs ago still have milk on her breast …is it normal?

I have no milk in the left breast…
I am struggling with nursing. I have nothing on the left breast and he cries and pulls every time I put him on it. The right one has milk but not enought to satisfy him for …

When is the Best Time to Express Milk?
I want to pump & store breast milk so that I can feed it to my baby from a bottle. What would be the best way to do this? Right now, I feed her around …

My Breasts Spring & Squirt Milk All Over the Place!
My breasts seem to spring a leak and just spray milk all over the place! What should I do? My baby latches on, takes a few gulps and then starts fussing …

Why is my Baby Colicky after Switching to Formula?
I switched over to formula after 2 weeks of breastfeeding my infant and noticed that he has been very colicky. He passes gas like crazy but he is okay …

Milk Leaking from My Breast during Foreplay
When I was making out with my boyfriend, during foreplay, a little bit of milk came out my left breast. Only 2-3 drops of milk came out. I do not know …

Can I Feed a 6M Baby Milk Expressed at 6 Wks of Age?
I am currently breastfeeding my 11 week old baby. I started to freeze my excess milk because I want to give that to him when we are done breastfeeding….

I want to breast feed but worry about my high blood pressure
I have high blood pressure and I want to breastfeed. But I worry that the sleepless nights will cause my blood pressure to rise even more. Do you have …