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breastfeeding momAre you a pregnant Mom thinking about how to feed your new baby? This is the place to be! I have 3 children and I have breastfed and formula-fed all of them.

When I started breastfeeding, I had no idea how hard it was going to be (especially the first two months). So I want to share with you some of the benefits and pitfalls that I encountered.

I’m not a doctor, a nurse, or a lactation consultant. I’m a mom; but, compared to your average woman, I’ve got a good amount of experience when it comes to feeding babies. I’ve read a lot of breastfeeding books and I have crawled through the articles found on the internet. I’ve made it my mission to ask every mother I know about her breastfeeding experience. In other words, I’ve got a lot of stories to share.

You can think of me as your neighbor who’s got 3 kids in tow; or your office mate who’s always busy with a young family. Please surf around and enjoy the site but, ask your doctor and/or pediatrician for professional advice. Every woman is different and every breastfeeding pair is different too.

I hope this web site will give you an overview of breastfeeding and formula-feeding so that you are prepared for the journey ahead. May it be a pleasant and rewarding journey!