Baby Slings and Carriers

Baby Slings and Carriers

Some baby slings and carriers can be adjusted so that you can breastfeed Baby while he is in the carrier. Here, one strap is loosened so that Baby is carried horizontally. Adjust the length of the straps so that his mouth is in line with your breasts.

In general, I really recommend that moms settle down and breastfeed their baby while in a comfortable & restive position. As a Mom, you truly deserve to sit down for a few minutes and stop running. A little rest and quality time with your baby is good for you and Baby. Even so, baby slings and carriers are a great hands-free way to carry your Baby.

Baby Carriers
baby carriersThere are many kind of baby carriers and they range in price and the types of accessories that come with it.

  • Some baby carriers are designed for newborns and young babies while others are really designed for older babies. Newborns and young babies who cannot hold their head up yet must be carried in front of the adult (not a backpack carrier) and be facing inwards (towards the adults chest).

  • Some baby carriers are made with soft flexible fabrics (almost like a sling) while other baby carriers are structurally robust.
  • Some baby carriers can be converted from front-carriers to back-carriers.

Basically, there is no way to tell which baby carrier will work for you. If possible, try a friend’s carrier and see if you feel comfortable wearing it. Or, go to a department store which has display models that you can try. baby carrier Bjorn

Be warned: placing a baby into a carrier is not an easy task. It will take some practice before you can comfortably load-up a baby.

If you want a carrier but do not know which one to buy, I would recommend carriers made by Baby Bjorn. Baby Bjorn’s are classic – they’re more expensive ($60+) but everyone I know who has one likes it. See baby slings and carriers here.

Baby Slings
baby slingsSlings have been around for hundreds of years and they are making a comeback in a variety of colors, fabrics, styles, and sizes. A sling is pretty much just a large sheet of fabric which you connect into a loop. Your baby rests comfortably inside the sling the same way a person rests comfortably in a hammock. Despite it’s carefree look, your baby won’t fall out of a sling when it is worn correctly.

about baby slingsSlings can be used for newborns and can be used for children as old as 2 years old. There are a variety of ways to wear a sling and a variety of ways as to how Baby is positioned (sitting, lying). Most slings are made of natural fibers so a sling can also be a statement: it shows your earthiness and your willingness go back to the “old ways” in contrast to the modern day, “high tech” baby carriers. See baby slings and carriers here.
Similar to baby carriers, babies carried in a sling can be breastfed while in the sling. Here, the sling is adjusted so that Baby is snug up close to your chest and his mouth is at the right height for nursing.

Backpack Carriers
For families who enjoy hiking and camping, I really recommend a backpack carrier. We love them so much that we have two! Read about backpack carriers here

baby slings and carriers