Can I eat papaya and banana during pregnancy

Can I eat papaya and banana during pregnancy?

by Sonia (India)

I am 5 weeks pregnant now. Can I eat or consume Banana and Papaya?


I’m not particularly worldly…
I’m not particularly worldly so I cannot speak for the papaya and bananas in India. But, in the USA, there seems to be no problem in eating these fruits as long as you demonstrate moderation. Eat one a day (or less), don’t eat 10 a day. You should be fine. When I was pregnant, none of the breastfeeding books I had mentioned anything about bananas and papayas as being dangerous to mother’s or baby’s health. Though, again, this is in the USA. Maybe in India, things are different – maybe a different kind of papaya?

Hope that helps, Joyce

Mostly cultural beliefs…

Food restrictions in pregnancy are almost always cultural. I see no reason why bananas and papaya would be harmful. There are concerns regarding mercury in some fish but so far, they haven’t said to omit them all together. Best advice is ALWAYS ASK YOUR DOCTOR.

Marie Davis RN IBCLC