Motif Luna Breast Pump Review: The Ultimate Hands-Free, Electric Breast Pump

Motif has just announced a brand new electric breast pump. The Motif Luna Electric Breast Pump is lightweight and compact, making it easy to travel. The carrying case includes two detachable bottles (5 oz), two flanges (25 mm and 30 mm), one adapter ring, three valves, five membranes, 1 set of silicone tubing, one backflow protector, and one pair of breast shields.

There are many options for purchasing additional accessories for the Luna as well!

Motif Luna Breast Pump Review

Motif Luna is an electric pump that allows you to express your milk conveniently. It has an LCD screen, which displays the settings and time elapsed during pumping. The pump also has a timer function to beep when it reaches the set time for expressing milk.

The pump is designed to provide comfort as well as efficiency. It has a soft, ergonomic breast cup that conforms naturally to your breasts. The silicone flange is flexible and soft, allowing it to adjust quickly to your body shape and size.

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The pump has two-speed settings, which are adjustable by a switch on the handle. It also comes with a soft carrying bag that can be used to store and transport it.


  • The pump is easy to use and comfortable.
  • It has a timer function, which is convenient for mothers who need to express milk on a schedule.
  • The breast cup has two adjustable speeds that a switch on the handle can adjust.


  • It’s more expensive than other pumps.
  • Ladies with large breasts may have to buy a larger flange size for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Motif Luna breast pump – How to use it?

The Motif Luna breast pump is a double pump that allows you to express your milk quicker and more efficiently. If you are using a single manual or electric breast pump, getting the same amount of milk may take longer.

However, the motif luna can be used with or without an adaptor to work with any brand of bottle or nipple (so long as they are compatible).

Assemble Your Parts

First things first: assemble all the parts needed for assembly before beginning this process! You will need two (2) AA batteries, four (4) breast shields with membranes attached and one valve protector cap per breast shield; two silicone diaphragms; one tubing adapter; one silicone membrane holder; three white valves/O-rings/O-ring seals/silicone O-ring seal caps – these will be used later so don’t lose them!

Motif Luna Breast Pump – Our Thoughts

The Motif Luna breast pump is innovative, portable, and powerful. It’s the first electric breast pump that can be used anywhere and everywhere. The first thing I noticed about this product was how sleek it looks! It has a modern design comes in several colors, including black, silver, copper, or rose gold (our favorite).

The second thing I noticed was that it came with tons of accessories! There are eight bottles with lids so you can store your milk right away after pumping; two flanges (one size S/M & one size L/XL), four silicone valves for different nipple sizes; one bottle brush; one rechargeable battery pack for cordless use; AC adapter for charging battery packs at home; USB cable for charging batteries on-the-go using any computer or wall outlet charger such as those found in hotels rooms etc.; User Manual & Warranty Card – everything you need to get started using your new breast pump!

Whether you’re a mom of one or many, you know the importance of having a good breast pump. And Motif has just the thing that will exceed your expectations! Measuring up against competitors like Spectra or Medela is the new Motif Luna Electric Breast Pump. It’s lightweight and compact and comes with everything you need to get started in one convenient carrying case. It also easily fits into most diaper bags for on-the-go pumping!

  • The motor: This pump features a high-powered motor that can provide maximum suction at all times without overheating like other brands do when they’re used for more extended periods (even though they don’t advertise themselves as able to do so).
  • Comfortability: The Luna uses patented anti-vortex suction technology, which means it won’t pull out any milk when expressed directly into bottles or bags; this helps prevent clogging while also making it easier for moms who want nothing more than convenience when doing their daily routines with their little ones around them.”

The Motif Luna Electric Breast Pump has a rechargeable battery, which is fantastic! This means you don’t have to worry about having an outlet available at all times to use the pump. It also has a digital screen that tells you exactly how much milk has been expressed during each pumping session so that you can track your supply.

The carrying case includes two detachable bottles (5 oz), two flanges (25 mm and 30 mm), one adapter ring, three valves, five membranes, 1 set of silicone tubing, and a backflow protector. There are many options for purchasing additional accessories for the Luna as well!

The breast shield is one of the most essential parts of a breast pump. It’s what creates suction when you’re using your pump. Suppose your shields don’t fit correctly, or you feel uncomfortable. In that case, it will be challenging to use your pump effectively because it needs to be in place correctly so that air can flow freely and not get trapped inside, which would cause pain during use or even damage your equipment over time if left unchecked.

The Luna’s breast shields come in various sizes, so you can find the right one even if you have a large chest size. If your breasts are enormous (DD or higher), I recommend getting the larger shields instead of the standard ones with this set.

Motif Luna Breast Pump Review – Conclusion

The Motif Luna breast pump is the perfect solution for busy moms who need to pump while away from their babies.

It’s easy to use, lightweight, and portable, with everything included in one carrying case!

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