Leaky Breasts

Leaky Breasts

Almost all breastfeeding moms will experience leaky breasts. This happens most often in the first few weeks after birth when your breasts have an excess of milk. They are simply too full and milk will leak out. The good news is that it is not painful and the problem fixes itself given a bit of time. Of all the “problems” associated with breastfeeding, this one is probably one of the easiest one to cope with.

Even after things have settled into a regular pattern, some women’s breasts will leak when they hear their baby cry or other cues that trigger the let-down reflex.

Milk may also leak at night when your baby starts to sleep for longer and longer intervals. Milk will leak during love-making with your spouse, and milk may leak when you start weaning your baby from your breast. In other words, your breast may leak during the many stages of your breastfeeding journey.

leaky breastsTo stop your breast from leaking, try pressing your nipples firmly for a few seconds (use your fingers, or the heal of your hands). Or, simply coss your arms over your chest and use your forearms to apply pressure on the nipples. This may stop the flow temporarily. [Photo by Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería]

Rather than to try to stop leaky breasts, it would be best to buy some breast pads. Wear them if you need to, and if you don’t, keep a pair in your purse just in case. Read about breast pads here.

Most breastfeeding moms will agree that their breasts don’t leak all the time, but they are aware that their breast could leak at any time. Some women bring an extra shirt when they leave the house, just in case of spills.

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