Nursing Pillows

Nursing Pillows

nursing pillows Nursing pillows are also sometimes called Boppys: One of the things that breastfeeding Moms complain about is how tired their arms are. Before Baby arrived, your arms were perfect and did everything you need effectively. But, after Baby arrives, you find that your arms are not trained to carry a +7 pound baby for what seems like “all the time”.

nursing pillow twins Nursing pillows are a savior. These are firm pillows that are shaped like the letter “C”. You wear the pillow around your waist and lay the baby on the pillow. This way, you can give your arms a rest while you breastfeed your baby.

Given that an average Baby nurses for 20 minutes per breast, this is a significant amount of time! You still need to have your arm around Baby so that he doesn’t roll off, but you don’t have to carry the weight of the baby. Boppys are especially useful if you are breastfeeding twins.

boppy and toys As Baby grows and begins to sit up by himself, the Boppy can be used to support him. When he topples over, the Boppy will cushion his fall. Some Boppys come with toy attachments so that Baby can watch/play with the toys in front of him.

breastfeeding pillow Breastfeeding pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A generic nursing pillow will cost under $20 whereas the high-end ones can cost over $50. My recommendation is to get something between $30 to $40. If you’re going to get a nursing pillow, you might as well get a durable one. The last thing you want is a flimsy pillow that sags after a few uses/washes. See nursing pillows and boppys here.

For those who do not wish to spend the money on this tool, you can use sofa cushions, bolsters, or a rolled-up towel to help prop-up your arms. Regular sleeping pillows tend to be too wide and not firm enough, however, you may want to experiment to find what suits you best.

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