Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs and Gliders

One of the BEST things my husband bought me when I was pregnant was a glider (a type of rocking chair). After our baby was born, I was on that rocking chair all the time. The new version gliders are SO smooth, it calmed me and the baby. My husband used the chair a lot too. I’ve breastfed 3 kids on that rocking chair and so it is definitely worth the price. Our kids are grown up now: we are still enjoying the chair.

rocking chairsGliders
Gliders are heavy duty rocking chairs. They are upholstered with thick padding and have an elaborate mechanism for a smooth rocking motion. Some come with an ottoman which is great for supporting Mom’s feet while she breastfeeds. All gliders will rock back and forth, but deluxe gliders can swivel around completely like an office chair. They are over 50 pounds and cost over $200. They are well constructed and will probably last you a lifetime. See gliders here.

breastfeeding rocking chairIf you can’t afford a glider, you can settle with a classic rocking chair. These are usually made of wood and can give your home old-day charm. You and your baby will have many hours of rocking comfort. Be careful though, these rocking chairs are light weight and an over zealous child may cause it to tip over. Costs from $50 to $200 depending on style. See rocking chairs here.

breastfeeding foot stoolAnd if you want, you can get yourself a nursing foot stool. Most breastfeeding moms find it easier and more comfortable if their feet are raised a bit. It helps relieve pain in your back, and arms. Indeed, if you read the reviews, moms consider a foot stool as a “must have” for breastfeeding. See nursing foot stools here.

You don’t NEED a glider or rocking chair, but – of all the years I’ve breastfed babies and all the things I’ve done for my kids – my glider is like a haven for me. I love it!

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