Breastfeeding with Implants

Breastfeeding After Augmentation? an article by Peter Callaghan To breastfeed, or bottle feed? The benefits of breast milk as well as colostrum, a precursor to breast milk, are significant. Colostrum can begin being produced in women during their second trimester, although it normally begins two to three days after giving birth. Colostrum is made up … Continue reading Breastfeeding with Implants

Breast Milk for Grandpa

Breast Milk for Grandpa by W Abbas I read the question from the Canadian mother about breastfeeding her husband and want to add a comment. So what’s wrong with it? You know that women’s breast milk is the best nutrition for babies. I got married last year and am now a mother of a daughter. … Continue reading Breast Milk for Grandpa

Breast Milk after 14 Years?

Breast Milk after 14 Years? by Grace, Nigeria A lady that had a baby 14yrs ago still have milk on her breast …is it normal? Responses: It’s probably normal, but see your Doctor to be sure As long as s flow of milk is not spontaneous and not present unilaterally, it’s pretty normal. This is … Continue reading Breast Milk after 14 Years?

Buy Breast Shields

Where Can I Buy Breast Shields? by kathleen (USA) I am trying to find a place to buy breast shields do you have a suggestions? I can’t find them anywhere. Thank you Responses: Try… Dear Kathleen, You can buy breast shields from Go to this page and click onto the link “breast shells”. … Continue reading Buy Breast Shields

Double ended baby bottle

Double ended baby bottle by Carl (USA) I have one of these. How much are they worth? Responses: It’s worth what people are willing to pay for it. The double ended baby bottle was invented in 1894 by a pharmaceutical company called Allen & Hanburys. This glass feeding bottle has 2 ends: one was for … Continue reading Double ended baby bottle