Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump Ultimate Review

Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump is a top-rated breast pump that has been on the market for more than two decades. The customizable suction and soft flanges make this pump a standout among its competitors.

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Dr. Brown's Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump Ultimate Review

Who Is Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric For?

Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump is a great choice for women who want a double electric breast pump, as well as those who want customization.

It is designed to help moms express more milk in less time than with a manual pump. This double electric breast pump has two separate pumping mechanisms, which means you can use it on both breasts at once. This is great for women who have trouble expressing enough milk, or those who want to express more than just one breast at a time.

Dr. Brown's Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump
  • DOUBLE ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP. The portable, lightweight Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump helps moms find the most comfortable setting to help produce the most milk.
  • NARROW-TO-WIDE-NECK BOTTLE ADAPTERS. If you already have Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Bottles, the included adapter can be used to pump directly into them!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS. This FSA-eligible breast pump offers more lactation and expression mode options to help moms find the setting that works best for them.   
  • SOFT SILICONE SHIELDS. The included one-piece SoftShape Silicone Shields are made of 100% silicone to remain flexible and gentle for any breast shape.
  • PUMP, STORE AND FEED. Included Dr. Brown’s Options+ Narrow Bottles, Storage/travel Caps and our slowest-flow Preemie Flow Nipple offer everything you need to pump, store and feed.

The Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump comes with three different levels of suction strength: low, medium and high. This allows moms to customize their pumping experience based on what feels best for them.

It has a large collection bottle that holds up to 8 ounces of breast milk. This is great for moms who want to store as much breast milk as possible in one sitting. The collection bottle also comes with an adapter so you can pump directly into containers like Baby Bottle Pro and Tommee Tippee bottles.

Who It Is Not For?

This pump is not for moms who want a very quiet, battery-operated pump that’s easy to travel with. Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump has not the quietest motor and doesn’t come with any accessories like adapters or cooler bags.

It is not for you:

  • If you’re looking for a manual pump, this is not the product for you. This breast pump has an electric motor, which means that it does not require any arm movement on your part to operate.
  • If you’re looking for a pump with an LCD screen to show how much milk or suction power is being provided, this may not be the right product for you either.
  • If you don’t have time to read the manual and learn how to use this product correctly, we would advise against purchasing it. This is because one of its main advantages is its ease of use—and if users aren’t reading manuals properly before they begin using their new equipment (or worse yet, relying solely on user manuals), there could be serious consequences!

Because all of Dr Brown’s products are designed specifically with babies in mind (as well as mothers who want a low-maintenance lifestyle!) reading manuals thoroughly before using them should always be standard practice when considering any purchase from this company – especially if it involves electrical equipment like this one does!

What We Like About Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump

This product is a great example of what Dr Brown’s does best: simple, reliable, and high-quality baby products that are easy to use and maintain. The manufacturer has been in business for over 30 years now, and they have an excellent reputation for making products that last – which makes this breast pump a good choice for mothers who want something that will last them at least through a few children (or even longer) without requiring extensive servicing or repairs!

  • The Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump has a customizable suction, speed and rhythm that are completely customizable for you. You can choose your own settings for each session, so if your baby wants to go longer on one side than the other, it’s no problem! If you’re looking for something fast but not too strong, there’s a setting for that. If your baby needs more suction in order to get at those final ounces of milk—or if they’re just extra hungry and want to keep sucking—it’s easy enough to adjust their feeding schedule as needed. It’s also quiet enough that you won’t disturb anyone around you while using it in public places (like airports).
  • Your breasts will likely feel softer after using this pump; unlike with some other models out there where hard plastic is used repeatedly against tender nipples over time without breakage protection in place between sessions, these flanges have been designed specifically for comfort purposes so there should be no irritation caused by daily use over long periods of time . They’re also made from BPA-free materials so parents don’t have any worries while they’re pumping away!

Some users have found that the included valves aren’t very good at preventing leakage; this can be remedied by purchasing additional parts from Medela and then assembling them into the flanges yourself. If you do this, though, it is important to make sure that the pieces are attached securely before attempting to use them or else milk may leak out during pumping sessions.

What We Don’t Like About It

If you’re comparing this pump to other electric pumps, then yes, the motor is a bit loud. But if you’re comparing it to manual pumps (or even some electric pumps), then the noise level is actually on par with what you’d expect. Also, while they could improve on battery life and suction strength, Dr. Brown’s does offer an impressive range of settings for both of these things.

This pump also offers multiple options for speed and suction strength as well as a timer function that will let you know exactly how long your pumping session has been going on for—something that many other electric pumps don’t have. And finally: If you’re worried about getting enough power from your breast pump motor, don’t be! This one is more than capable of doing everything that most new mothers need from their breast pump motor.

Why We Recommend Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump

The Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump is a great option for moms who want to be able to customize the suction and softness of their flanges, as well as for moms who are looking for an easy-to-use, portable pump that’s also strong enough to get the job done.

With this product, you can adjust both suction strength and breast size so that it fits your body type perfectly. Plus, these customizable features ensure that every mom gets exactly what she needs out of her pump without having to pay extra or deal with uncomfortable parts!


  • Customizable suction strength and breast size
  • Customizable flanges
  • Strong motor for moms who pump multiple times per day
  • Portable design makes it easy to take with you anywhere
  • Easy-to-use
  • Long battery life
  • Includes two bottles, a cooler bag and an AC adapter


  • Pricey
  • The flanges are not as comfortable as other models on the market

Other Electric Breast Pumps 

The customizable suction and soft flanges make this breast pump a standout among its competitors

The customizable suction and soft flanges make this breast pump a standout among its competitors. The customizable suction speeds up milk flow, while the soft flanges are gentler on your nipples. Combined with the compact design, portability, ease of use—and an affordable price tag—the Customflow is hard to beat.


It’s hard to find a breast pump that will work for everyone, but Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump is one of the best on the market. Not only does it have customizable suction and soft flanges, but its hands free pumping style makes it easy to use while you’re doing other things like driving or working out at the gym.

The customizable settings also make it useful for moms who need low suction or high suction based on their baby’s age or how full they are feeling at any given time. If there were anything we would change about this pump, it would be that there aren’t more colors available!

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