Bassinets and Cribs

Bassinets and Cribs

Let’s face it, if you are going to be a breastfeeding Mom, YOU are going to be the one who gets up in the middle of the night to feed Baby. It might be worth it to buy a bassinet or a bedside crib so that Baby is close at hand. You’ll thank yourself for it, especially at 3 AM!

bassinets and cribsA bassinet is a small bed that is somewhat portable. You can move it from room to room. Bassinets are smaller and more cozy than a full-size cribs, so some babies find it more comfortable. With respect to breastfeeding, you can have the bassinet beside your bed so that when he is hungry at night, you don’t have trek to another room to get him.

moses basketsVery simple bassinets are sometimes called Moses baskets. These are similar to picnic baskets and you can bring it with you when you are visiting friends. Other bassinets are ornate and may come with mobiles, ruffles, a canopy, and may rock or vibrate. Bassinets can be as cheap as $50 but can also go up to $200. See bassinets and cribs here.

Bassinets only work with small babies under 4 months old. When your baby learns to roll over, he will no longer be safe in a bassinet because it can tip over. You will have to put him in a crib or into a bedside crib.

Bedside Cribs
bedside crib Bedside cribs (also called co-sleepers) are probably one of those inventions that Mom’s love. These are small cribs that can be placed right beside a regular adult bed. This arrangement allows Baby to sleep “right beside” you and have his own sleeping space.

Bedside crib allows you to breastfeed your baby without having to walk across the room (or hallway) to get your baby. This makes for easy access when it comes to night time feedings! Some bedside cribs can be converted to a changing table, or to a playpen. Most bedside cribs are not full fledged cribs, so your baby will need to be placed in a crib when he is mobile and can climb. On a rare occasion you may find a bedside cribs are designed more sturdily and can be converted into a small, stand alone bed. Bedside cribs are $150+. See bedside cribs here.

Some studies have shown that babies are more likely to die of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death) when they sleep in an adult bed. This may be because: adult rolls over the baby; or the baby is entangled in the blankets; or the baby is wedged between the mattress and headboard.

On the other hand, world-wide studies suggest that having Baby sleep with the parents decreases the chances of SIDS. So what’s the right answer? Well, we don’t know.

But, a bedside crib will allow you to sleep right beside your baby AND give him own space so he has a safe co-sleeping environment.

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