Thrush and Yeast Infection

Thrush and Yeast Infection

thrush and yeast infectionThrush and yeast infection is caused by a fungus in the the “Candida” family. Candida species are naturally occurring and can be found on moist, exposed surfaces like the inside of your mouth, the vaginal area, and the diaper area of babies.

The problem comes when the fungus grows too much and you end up with an infection. This usually happens when you are taking medications or doing something that changes your natural balance of microorganisms.

Thrush and yeast infections are itchy and may give an uncomfortable, burning sensation. There may be a whitish discharge.

A breastfeeding mother with thrush will have nipples & areola that are itchy, red in color, and the skin flakes. In a baby, thrush can be seen as white patches on the inside of his mouth. He may be fussy, refuse to nurse, and may have a diaper rash as well.

Generally speaking, the only way to get rid of thrush is to see your doctor and get some medicine. Because thrush is a yeast infection (not a bacterial infection), it is hard to get rid of and may takes weeks of treatment. In addition to treating the condition, it may be wise to examine your lifestyle to see why and how you got the infection in the first place. Knowing this may help you avoid getting re-infected again.