Kiinde Bottles Reviews – First Time Mom Must Have!

Kiinde Bottles are an excellent solution for breastfeeding moms, especially those who pump! The Kiinde bottles are made to be compatible with breast pumps and make it easy to pump directly into them. They also allow you to store the milk in the freezer, thaw it, and feed directly from the bottle.

If you’re looking for a bottle compatible with your breast pump and don’t want to transfer milk from bags into bottles and the freezer, these are what you need.

Kiinde Bottles Reviews

Kiinde Twist Pouches

Kiinde Twist Pouches are an excellent choice for those who use a breast pump and want to make their lives easier. The pouches are compatible with all major brands of pumps, including Medela and Ameda. You can also use them with the Kiinde Squeeze natural feeding system over bottles or bags if you prefer that method.

The Twist Pouch is designed to be easy to use: screw off the cap and fill up your bottle! No more transferring from bags into bottles or vice versa; there’s no need for freezer storage because your baby will sip directly from the pouch (and it will keep its temperature thanks to its double-wall construction). You can even take these convenient containers on trips with you–they’re portable enough that they won’t take up much space in your bag but sturdy enough not to leak or break when exposed to heat/cold changes while traveling!

In addition, these pouches are incredibly easy to clean up after filling them up once empty–throw them away after each use without worrying about scrubbing any residue off anything else around them first!

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  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Portable and sturdy enough not to leak or break during travel
  • It comes in a variety of sizes, so you can take as much or as little with you as you need
  • Easy to clean and reuse


  • The lids are not airtight, so you can’t use them for liquids that might leak (such as soup or sauces)
  • The plastic can be challenging at first, but this isn’t much of an issue once you get the hang of it.

Kiinde Twist Active Latch Natural Feeding Bottle

The Kiinde Twist Active Latch Natural Feeding Bottle is great for pump moms. It’s compatible with all breast pumps and easy to use, clean, and store.

It features an innovative latch that mimics the natural breastfeeding experience by helping to mimic suction when the baby feeds from it. The twist cap allows easy access to add formula or breast milk as needed without unscrewing anything! Plus, you’ll never waste another drop because there’s no need to transfer bags into bottles or wash out all those parts again after each use (and neither will your baby).

The Kiinde Twist Active Latch Natural Feeding Bottle is made of BPA-free plastic, making it safe for your baby. The nipple has an opening that mimics the mom’s nipple to help prevent colic while allowing air into the baby’s mouth when they drink from it, similar to how natural breasts work during breastfeeding (this can help reduce gas). The wide neck design allows you to easily add formula or breast milk into the bottle without having too much spillage when pouring in the liquid contents, so there won’t be any waste left over–which means less cleaning overall!

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  • Latch mimics a real nipple, which helps reduce colic.
  • The Wide neck design makes adding formula or breast milk easy without spilling.
  • BPA-free plastic is safe for baby’s health.
  • The bottle is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


  • The bottle may leak if not properly closed.
  • The bottle can be rugged to latch onto and may not fit appropriately into many pacifier holders.
  • The nipple is not as flexible as other brands, making feeding a little more complicated when your baby first starts using it.
  • Some parents have complained that the nipple doesn’t stay suctioned well to their breast pump flange.

Kiinde Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle

The Kiinde Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle is compatible with breast pumps, making it easy to use and clean. The nipple has a broad base for easier latching, making it ideal for babies learning to suckle. It comes with a bottle brush so you can clean the interior and exterior of each piece of equipment separately, making it more sanitary than other options on our list. Additionally, this product comes in three different sizes: 4 oz., eight oz., and 10 oz.; you’ll be able to find something that works best for your baby’s age and needs!

This product also features twist-on lids that make assembling bottles quicker than ever (no more struggling with those tiny valves). And once they’re assembled? You’ll never have another problem getting them apart again thanks in part to how durable these pieces are designed–they won’t break off like some other brands’ versions might over time under pressure from frequent use or cleaning procedures involving harsh chemicals like bleach/bleach solutions misused potentially cause damage such as cracking around corners where stress points exist.”

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  • Twist-on lids make assembly quicker than ever before
  • No more struggling with tiny valves or trying to match gaskets with the right bottle
  • Durable: won’t break off or crack like other brands’ versions might over time
  • It is easily replaceable with the right tools and a little bit of elbow grease
  • Easy to clean: Pop off the lid, scrub it quickly, and you’re ready!


  • Twist-on lids can be difficult to put on, especially if they’re not correctly aligned with the bottles or have been used for a long time and are worn down.
  • It is less durable than other brands’ twist-off versions: it may break off or crack more easily over time.

Kiinde Twist Starter Kit, Everything You Need Starter Set

The Kiinde Twist Starter Kit, Everything You Need Starter Set, is a great way to start with Kiinde. It contains everything you need to pump, store, and feed your baby breast milk.

The set includes four bottles with leakproof lids that are easy to use, two breastmilk storage bags with twist tops that make transferring milk from your pump into the bottle quick and straightforward, and lids for each bag so they’re ready when you want them! The kit also comes with two-pack adapters for most breast pumps (sold separately), so you can pump directly into the bottle without manually transferring anything! The bottles are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making them accessible on your wallet while being environmentally friendly!

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Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk Warmer and Bottle Warmer

The Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk Warmer and Bottle Warmer is an excellent choice for parents who want to keep their baby’s milk at the right temperature. It’s also straightforward, so you don’t have to worry about transferring your breastmilk from its storage bag into bottles or warming up baby food in another appliance. The Kozii will heat a bottle while you are pumping!

The Kozii has an automatic shutoff feature that makes it safe for use with babies and small children. There are no buttons or dials–plug it in, turn it on, and let it do its job! You can even use this product as an electric kettle when not warming bottles; fill up your water chamber with tap water (no need for distilled), then press down on its button until steam comes out of its spout–and voila! Tea time is ready!

Kiinde Active Latch Nipple, 3 Pack (2 Slow Flow, 1 Medium Flow)

The Kiinde Active Latch Nipple is designed to be easy for a baby to latch on to, even in the beginning weeks of breastfeeding. The nipple is made of BPA-free silicone, so it’s safe for your little one. This set has three nipples (two slow and one medium flow) that can be used with the Kiinde Twist Active Latch Natural Feeding Bottle.

Kiinde Twist Pouches 6-oz., 50 ct.

The Kiinde Twist Pouches are compatible with the breast pump you use. You can pump directly into these pouches or use them to store breast milk. Whether you’re storing for later or freezing for long-term storage, these pouches are an excellent option for moms who want to avoid using plastic bags and bottles.

This pack includes 50 pouches–25 minor and 25 medium- making it ideal for those who plan on storing a lot of breast milk at once or have multiple children who need different amounts of stored food (like twins). The large size is perfect if your baby is older than six months old; younger babies may prefer the smaller version because they’re easier to hold when feeding time comes around!

Kiinde Bottles Reviews –¬†Conclusion

Kiinde bottles have benefits, such as being able to pump directly into them, so no waste or mess is involved in getting your baby’s food ready before feeding time begins each day!

They also claim that these products help reduce colic symptoms due to their unique shape design, which helps reduce gas buildup within babies’ tummy area while feeding on them during those first few months after birth (and beyond).

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