Cracked Nipples

Cracked Nipples

cracked nipplesCracked nipples occur when the skin on your nipples is broken or cracked. It is similar to when your lips crack during cold, dry winters. A broken nipple is quite painful and will often bleed. The most likely cause of broken nipples is improper latch on. It is best to avoid cracked nipples by encouraging a proper latch on.

Once you have injured nipples, you will be in a continuous loop:
– your nipples feel terrible during a feeding session.
– They begin to heal and feel better in between feedings,
– but then they crack again during the next feeding.
It almost feels like the cycle will never end.

There is no real way to “fix” a cracked nipple; you need to wait and let your body repair itself. You can encourage healing by:

  • Eat healthy food and take care of yourself. A nutritious diet will help your body repair itself. A good diet will provide you with the energy & nutrients to support the breastfeeding process.
  • Do the same things as you do when you have sore nipples:

    – keep nipples dry in between feedings,
    – wear a breast shield (breast shells),
    – after feeding, rinse nipples with water and apply hand expressed breast milk,
    – hold baby in different positions,
    – apply lanolin for relief.

It is important to get a good latch on and allow your nipples to heal. An injured nipple may lead to a breast infection or an abscess.

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