Nursing Clothing

Nursing Clothing

nursing clothing

A lot of new Moms don’t know that you can buy nursing clothing that is specifically designed for breastfeeding. These come in all styles and colors and they look absolutely wonderful such that no one can guess that it is nursing apparel. [Photo:Mama’s Night Out -Short Sleeve from ]

There are three basic styles:

  • Zipper: the garment has a discrete zipper which allows the breast to be exposed for breastfeeding. Although this sounds awkward, it really isn’t. The zippers are hidden or camouflaged so that they are not noticeable.

  • Pull Up Layers: here, the garment is made in layers. The outer layer is lifted up to reveal a hole where the breast is made accessible. After breastfeeding, the outer layer covers the opening and the garment looks like something any women would wear.

  • Pull Down Layers: here the garment is made in layers but instead of pulling up, you pull the fabric down. Depending on how the clothing is made, pull-down clothes may or may not give you coverage while breastfeeding, so be sure to look carefully before you buy.
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breastfeeding discretelyFor the zippered and pull-up types of clothing, there might be a few seconds in the beginning where someone might noticed that you are nursing a baby. However, after the baby is positioned, and you have settled into the job of breastfeeding, most people wouldn’t even know that your breast is exposed. Most passersby will think that you are cradling a sleeping baby. [Photo: V-neck Nursing T, Short Sleeve]

breastfeeding shirtNursing clothing is very nice to have. They allow you to have a variety of clothing that is stylish and functional. This is especially important if you are a Mom-on-the-go and will need to breastfeed your baby in public. However, nursing clothing is relatively expensive ($40 to $60): they are for those Moms who have enough money to treat themselves to the best that maternity-wear has to offer. [Photo: Too Sexy Top – Short Sleeve – Nursing Wear from ]

breastfeeding coverFor the rest of us who are more frugal, an over sized T-shirt will do just as well. Even if you don’t buy, you can still browse. Another option is to use a nursing cover. This is basically a shawl that drapes over our shoulder and chest to give you & your baby some privacy. And, if you want to go frugal here, just cover up with a receiving blanket.

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